Time Passes

Time Waits for No One…

Again it has been some time since I have posted on this site oh it’s not that I have been away, but that I have been very busy wearing some of my other ‘hats’.

With the summer approaching it’s now time, paradoxically, to think about the Dark of The Year – the time when stories of the macabre and bizarre feel more at home. Daisey – my Seance Doll – has been in storage throughout the Spring months and is now ready to slowly wake for the autumn.

IMG 0048 199x300 Time PassesLast Halloween I was fortunate to be presenting the Houdini Seance at The Life Centre in Sheffield – this year negotiations are underway for some Seance events closer to home, that dear reader is Cornwall. I am excited by the possibility of working at a well known ‘haunted’ venue in the South West – but as I say that’s for the Autumn.

As for right now, the Psychic Events I have been attending have been lots of fun and I’ve made some new friends. Also the Conclave of Rational Mystics has had its first meetings with a small and perfect group in Camborne – now looking to take find other places and venues.


On the book front two works on The Tarot and Tarot Readings are now available and Ramblings of a Rational Mystic is now available on Amazon (both paperback and Kindle versions).

tarot 210x300 Time Passes

The Fools Journey is a workbook for anyone interested in exploring the Tarot for personal development.

It contains some information about the possible origins of the Tarot and, of more interest, a series of worksheets exploring each of the major Arcana in turn.

Experienced Tarot readers have said that they have learned a lot from this work.
 Time Passes
transformationalReadings 210x300 Time Passes Transformational Readings for Psychic Entertainers is a framework for giving meaningful and relevant readings using Tarot, Dominoes, ESP Cards, Numerology and Crystals. It focuses on giving readings which help clients ‘move forward’ and as such considers in some detail and listening and questioning skills. This book is not for the ‘fortune teller’ but for the psychic ‘reader’ who wishes to enter into a transformational dialogue with their clients.
 Time Passes

Transformational Readings is also available in ebook format from Lybrary.Com

The Fools Journey – Self Discovery Through The Tarot is also available in ebook format exclusively form Lybrary.Com

So that’s about it for now ….

More later…


 Time Passes
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Halloween 2012

And so another year roles around..

We move from the light into the dark and to my favourite time of the year. The shadows grow longer and the nights draw in – we spend more time in twilight and less time in day-light.

So I once again invite you to consider inviting me to your evening soirees, your nocturnal gatherings and your midnight dreamings.

I can bring Daisey, the Victorian Seance Doll who somehow disturbed some who met her last year…

I can talk of Houdini and recreate the seance that has been held on the anniversary of his death (October 31st 1926)…

Or perhaps you would like an audience with Jack the Ripper who may be identified through a Victorian spiritualist ritual – not to every bodies taste I know, but there are some who enjoy considering the darker sides of the human psyche…

If all else fails, then perhaps some gothic tales of ghosts and spirits are more to your liking…

I still have some dates in my diary for those willing to sit with me in a darkened room for an hour or two…

tumblr lh5ofgqEAK1qg4taoo1 500 300x200 Halloween 2012

Contact Me : alan@aljones.net : 07714 323 934

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This Autumn…

Seems like an age since writing for this blog and having something new to say about forthcoming shows. Life does get in the way sometimes..


The NEW SHOW is now ready with a preview event planned for end of September and appearances at Lands End Attraction (with a family version of the show) we’re now in a position to start looking for venues suitable for this kind of theatrical event.

As a teaser for the show here’s a hastily put together video which sets the scene and tips just a little about the shows narrative and theme.

If you would like to book the show or ‘produce’ the show in your area then please contact me : alan@aljones.net

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Theatre Macabre – An Overview

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Theatre Macabre 2011

This unique entertainment is now booking for shows in 2011 and, apocalyptic prophecies allowing, beyond.

What is the show?


A small gathering of people, perhaps your friends and colleagues, perhaps strangers – friends you’ve not yet.

There is a table upon which rest several mysterious artefacts, perhaps they are possessed, perhaps they implements belonging to some arcane ritual…. Perhaps?

One or two books representing aspects of your hosts interest are nearby. Tales of sorcery and records of witch trials – even the patient records from an insane asylum.

You hear the music, like a child music box…

You notice the smell of incense, sweet, intoxicating…

Dr Alan Jones, your host, enters…

Magic is afoot…

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Welcome to Theatre Macabre

Theatre Macabre – The World of Bizarre Magic

Theatre Bizarre grew out of the work of The Magic Theatre Workshop and Seance UK.

Both projects featured a collaboration between performers, writers and technicians in order to create a unique kind of magic theatre, referred to by some as Bizarre Magic.

Bizarre Magic is the theatrical presentation of mind-magic, close-up  and stage magic which is themed around the gothic, the spooky, the ghostly and the decidedly unusual.

Theatre Macabre is now presented by Dr Alan Jones, a respected magician, performer, lecturer and teacher of psychological techniques and arcane knowledge.

Theatre Macabre is intimate theatre which draws the audience into a web of ghostly goings on, macabre misdeeds and historical hysteria.

The ‘God-Father’ of UK Bizarre Magic,  Charles Cameron, said of “The Gathering”, a presentation by The Magic Theatre Workshop…

“This is the spookiest, scariest show I’ve ever seen!” and remarked in glowing terms about the performance of Alan Jones.

Tony ‘Doc’ Shiels, the other great UK originator of Bizarre Magic worked with Alan on a video with crtyptozoologist and fortean expert Jonathan Downes on location at Potters Museum, Jamaica Inn, Cornwall. Tony referred to Alan, in the nicest of possible terms, as ‘my ghost’ recognising his desire to pick-up the baton carried by Tony, Charles, Andruzzi and others who founded the movement in the 1960′s.

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