Theatre Macabre

In some ways the craft of the magician has been trivilaised and lost within the sugary coating of show girls and fluffy bunnies.

Today the label ‘Magician’ brings to mind the image of a kindly uncle performing at a children’s party or the ‘smart arse’ teenager fooling the grown-ups with flash feats of card juggling. Occasionally the thought of a master illusionist or conjouring craftsperson will creep into the consciousness – but all of those images are relatively ‘safe’.

Magic has a darker heart, it is the most honest profession as its exponents tell you they are going to lie to you and for the most part they do. It has its roots in ceremony, ritual and sits hand in hand with the traditional practices of the shaman, the elder, the priest.

Bizarre Magick reclaims the magicians heritage as a sage, an oracle and a sorceror.

halloween skulls 113 300x225 Theatre Macabre

Halloweeen Skulls

The entertaining distractions presented by Theatre Macabre and Seance UK are attempts to bring the darker, playfully sinister side of magic to the fore.

All magic is in essence ‘bizarre’ in that it hints at things that are outside of ‘the normal’. Bizarre Magic as delivered by Theatre Macabre does more than hint – it takes you into a place where the unusual, the uncanny and the unearthly sit side by side.

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